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On most Friday Nights throughout the season (see schedule page for exact dates) we have The Rev Hard Fun Nights. These nights are designed for anyone to come out and race with a street car, truck or motorcycle as well as all out race vehicles. "The format is mostly open time runs" mentioned Track Operator Scott Gardner. "There is a Trophy Race and Gamblers Race for those who want to challenge their competitive spirit" he continued.

Rev Hard Fun Nights - See schedule page for exact dates 
Gates Open at 5:30pm
Racing 6:00 - 10:00pm (we will go until 11pm if over 100 cars)
Racing $25 car & driver - All the runs you can make!
Admission $8 - For those who prefer to watch!
Trophy Class $30 (no Box entries)
Gamblers $20 (pay in the lanes, must be in test of trophy to enter)

Basic Procedures
1. When you arrive at the track, exit your car and walk up to registration building.
2. Sign the waiver and purchase your tech card
3. Fill out your tech card completely and legibly
4. Proceed to Tech Inspection Area with vehicle (for street vehicles is a very basic procedure).
          - you need valid drivers license, seat belts, long pants, and shirt with sleeves
5. Once you are done with tech, proceed to staging lanes
          - normally lanes 3, 4 or 5 are used for test-n-tune runs
6. Proceed on to race track when directed by official. 
7. Make a quarter mile run down the race track.
8. Turn off at the end of the track to your left. (drive slowly on return road)
9. Stop at building located on the return road to pick up your E.T. Slip (shows how quick and fast you went).
10. Return to staging lanes when ready to make another run.
Should you have any questions please stop at the tech area or at the registration building and they will be happy to assist you.

Additional Information
We have a full service concession stand with many favorites including our house special "Taco Nachos".
We have a playground with swings, slides etc., for the kids.
We have a Souvenir Stand with Cordova and NHRA merchandise.
For those not racing (or after you have completed your racing) we have Beer and Wine Coolers (must be 21 or older).