As announced last year; all cars 9.99 or quicker will be required to have an NHRA accepted Oil Retention Device, (this does not include Bikes and Sleds), at the 2012 ET Finals event in Topeka, KS. While, currently only cars quicker than 7.49 are required to have NHRA Accepted Oil Retention devices by the NHRA Rulebook on a weekly basis, Cordova Dragway Park recommends that all vehicles running 9.99 or quicker to have such a device at all CDP Events. "We are not mandating this for our weekly racers at this point" said Scott Gardner, "however we fully encourage anyone running 9.99 or quicker to get an NHRA accepted oil retention device as soon as possible as it's likely to be required at CDP before the season is completed"

Oil downs not only are costly to clean up in labor and materials, but also are a safety and financial risk do to wreckage. "We know it's difficult to spend money on items that are not making you faster or more consistent, but it is something that should not be overlooked" continued Gardner.